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Celebrating Anniversaries at FCS

Birthdays are generally welcomed and celebrated by the young, sometimes less enthusiastically by those of us who are aging. Institutions, however, are invariably happy...

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OAUBS: Grading at FCS

So much was new to me when I first arrived at FCS in 1972. Independent Schools, Quakerism, and Upper School teaching all presented shifts...

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Elizabeth White: Horticulturist & Humanitarian

The history of Friends’ Central provides us with many reasons to be proud. Since its very beginnings, the School’s commitment to embracing non-Quaker children...

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Meeting for Worship: The Heart of FCS

Anyone connected with Friends’ Central School knows Meeting for Worship is an activity of central importance, at the heart of School life. ...

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The Changing Fashions of FCS

The longer I live with our FCS Archives, the more I realize how fortunate we are to have the depth and breadth of material...

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