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FCS Students Revitalize Honor Statement

Over the course of the past year and a half, Friends’ Central’s Honor Council has been discussing and revising the Honor Statement at Friends’ Central. The Honor Council is an Upper School club comprising students in grades 9-12 whose task is to help the FCS community “act with integrity and treat others and our shared environment with respect,” as the Honor Statement attests. The Honor Statement was created in 2013 after several months of research and meetings with students, faculty, and administrators. Last spring, current Upper School students in the Honor Council decided it was time to revise some of the guiding questions that follow the Honor Statement.

Members of the Friends’ Central Upper School Honor Council: (from left to right) Claire Pillar ’23, Sarah Leonard ’23, Calvin Mustokoff ’22, Zhi Hao Liu ’20, Anna Gullace ’22, Evan Sweitzer ’20, Lili Bidlo ’22, Rebecca Wusinich ’20, Sarah Wusinich ’22, Marcus Chiang ’23, faculty advisor Jim Rosengarten, and Dev Gupta ’23

One revision made was addressing the guiding question around the testimony of Peace. The Honor Council did not want to create the impression that conflict is to be avoided in the name of peace, but rather that conflict ought to be healthily embraced as a means for growth and movement toward truth. Addressing the guiding question around Equality, the Honor Council noted that our understanding of the difference between equity and equality has grown at FCS, and that the word “Equity” more reflected the desired spirit in the community, so the word “Equity” was added to the heading preceding the “Equality” guiding question. Other revisions were made, as well.  

The Honor Council received rich feedback from the faculty and students after presenting the revisions to faculty at their fall in-service and to students in fall class meetings. Surveys were sent out to students and faculty with final revisions made after considering the feedback. Receiving overwhelming support for the revisions, the statement was sent to the printers for the new honor statements to be printed.

The Honor Council hopes that these revisions and the presentation of new posters around the school will help the community grow as it continues the work of embracing the values that arise from the Quaker ethos on which our school was founded.

Click here to see the new honor statement!

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