FCS Alumni/ae in the Field of Sustainability

In Spring 2018, we sent out a call for FCS alumni/ae working in the field of sustainability to let us know more about their professional careers and the work they are doing. Below are the responses we received!

Bob Hall ’59 spent his professional career in R&D and Engineering related to LEDs and Photovoltaics (PV) – the direct conversion of sunlight energy into electricity. In 1983, after many years in the industry, he started his own company to develop and manufacture solar cells for solar electric energy panels. 

Rich Ulmer ’60 has been Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of InVitro International since 1994. InVitro  are pioneers in the development and application of non-animal testing alternatives for irritation and skin toxicity testing.  

Charlie Price ’66 works in the niche of membrane desalination, essentially starting the dairy industry up 30 years ago. “We started removing protein from cheese waste, when back in the day, companies used to dump the whey, creating environmental issues,” explained Price in a Spring 2016 Quaker Works interview. 

Wayne Michaud ’67

Wayne Michaud ’67 is Executive Director of Idle-Free California (idlefreecalifornia.org), a nonprofit organization that raises awareness of vehicle idling in California, especially idling when parked.

Cyril Draffin ’68 has been project advisor to the MIT Energy Initiative since 2015. His interests include cybersecurity of electric utilities and other energy systems; low-carbon energy including solar, other renewable energy generation, and nuclear; gas and coal production and carbon capture and utilization; information technology; and strategy.

It was due to Doug Linton ’68, Friends’ Central’s beloved horticulturist and arborist, that, in 1997, the School became one of the first in the area committed to pesticide-free, organic, and sustainable maintenance of all the athletic fields and inner campus (read more about Doug). 

Bradley Campbell ’70 is CEO of the Conservation Law Foundation, a leading environmental organization devoted to a thriving New England, and CLF Ventures, an incubator of market-based environmental solutions. His many experiences include being a  former White House senior appointee during the Clinton administration, the Regional Administrator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Mid-Atlantic Region, and serving as Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Edward Whereat ’78 works at University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment as Program Coordinator for a volunteer-based water quality monitoring program managed by the DE Sea Grant Marine Advisory Service.


Liz Fried ’71, a City Councilperson in New Rochelle, NY, is working on a Sustainability Plan called GreeNR, ensuring that the city is environmentally responsible, economically vibrant, and socially equitable.

Stefanie Zeldin ’79 is the co-founder of a sustainable products company called in2green (www.in2green.com). In2green is a pioneer and has won many industry awards for product development in eco home textiles – specifically for products made with recycled cotton. 

Sarah Mendelson ’80

Sarah Mendelson ’80 is distinguished service professor of public policy and head of Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy. Through 2018, Mendelson will serve as a distinguished fellow at the International Youth Foundation, where she will incubate an initiative called “Cohort 2030” that aims to grow the generation that knows about and demands the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Claudia Zeldin ’81 is celebrating 15 years as a partner at Growth for Good, a small consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, fundraising, and marketing for nonprofits. She is also an active supporter of the Prospect Park Alliance. Prospect Park is the flagship park of Brooklyn, New York City. The Prospect Park Alliance partners with the NYC to preserve and maintain the Park.

Alexander Klein ’83 is Supply Chain Manager for APL Logistics, where he has been working with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) measuring carbon output of various shippers. He has developed programs to measure carbon output in transportation and warehousing and identified opportunities for reducing the output. He also works with major shippers, retailers and manufacturers to coordinate with their corporate sustainability programs.

In 1995, Dominique Hawkins ’84 founded Preservation Design Partnership (PDP) as a planning and design practice focusing exclusively on offering high-quality professional services for clients with nationally significant historic sites and buildings. Hawkins has served as Preservation Officer for the LM Township (1997-2014) and Morris County, NJ (2003-present). Her work has been recognized with several preservation and design awards.

Rachel Fertik Edgerton ’91 is an Environmental Protection Specialist at the EPA Headquarters in the Office of Water (OW) Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 404 regulatory program. She is a policy analyst specializing in providing scientific information to inform policy options and decisions. 

Ilmi Granoff ’95 is Director of ClimateWorks Foundation’s Sustainable Finance Program. He is an attorney and policy expert with experience in environmental law and policy, sustainable development, energy and infrastructure finance, and public-private partnerships.

Benjamin Hertz-Shargel ’97 is VP of Data Analytics, Energy Hub. His company  “controls fleets of smart energy devices in people’s homes, creating ‘virtual power plants’ for utilities, using energy reduction to displace dirty fossil fuel generation.” He speaks frequently at clean energy technology and policy conferences.

AnnMarie Polsenberg Thomas ’97 teaches classes at the University of St. Thomas on Environmental Sustainability and Innovation for business and engineering students.

Rob Crauderueff ’01, CEO and Founder of Crauderueff & Associates (C&A), brings more than a decade of experience advancing green economic development projects in New York City and across the nation. His accomplishments include receiving the 2009 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities International Award of Excellence for Civic Engagement. 

Joseph Abel ‘03 is VP of Operations at Sungage Financial, a leading solar financing company. 

Amy Chapkovich ’12 works at the Lower Merion Conservancy, an environmental and historic structure conservation non-profit in Gladwyne. She organizes educational programs and shares conservation and nature news. 

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